About Us

Black belt sports center and gym realise that everyone is special, we have special goals and abilities, and we enjoy different things, so we offer a range of special programs and services. Each week our talented coaches get together to discuss and plan all of our programs and classes, they incorporate a variety of exercises and use a variety of equipment to keep your training fresh, fun, challenging and effective. We will safely and progressively take your fitness to the next level.


We want everyone to be able to join our classes, and propose them so that they can be scaled to suit any level, even a complete beginner. Our coaches are always happy to adjust exercises, or concentration, so that you can overcome any workout.

our coching

Our coaches well health and fitness experience and have a range of skillets and interests from strength, to endurance, to mobility. Together, we make an awesome team on the quest to helping you reach your goals, no matter how unique. Our priority is to ensure safe and effective progress, to prescribe appropriate progression, and to educate members about how to manage their health and fitness. Our job is to help you succeed, and we love doing it.